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What size of plants can be ordered?

We sell potted plants in 5,7,and 15 gallon pot sizes. The height of the potted plants varies by species. Check the availability list for details. We also burlap wrap (B&B) plants for landscape installation. Some varieties are available in extra large (15-20ft) sizes by special order.

Do you deliver?

We include delivery free of charge with your order. We can also offer a discount if you would like to pick up your order.

Do you deliver into Canada?

Yes, but there are small customs and inspection fees that apply. We make routine deliveries into lower mainland B.C. Our farm is located only a few miles from the Canadian border.

Is there a minimum order?

While we don't have a policy on minimum orders it needs to make sense for all those involved. Order size, distance, and route popularity all play in to this. It is best to contact us to discuss.

When should orders be placed?

Orders are typically placed in late winter early spring to coincide with the retail nursery season. However orders can be filled year round.

How long does it take for an order to be ready?

Small orders can frequently be filled from already potted plants and thus can be ready quickly. Larger orders need to be dug and potted and can take a few weeks to prepare.