Premier Northwest Grown Bamboo

Delhiwind Bamboo has been a wholesale bamboo nursery since 1995, supplying hardy bamboos to retail outlets throughout western North America.  Our nursery encompasses 20 acres on the bank of the Nooksack River,  in the northwest corner of Washington state.  We field grow extensive quantities of over 25 varieties of hardy bamboo in our perfect sandy loam soil.  Throughout the winter and early spring,  we dig and pot  5, 7, and 15 gal plants  and deliver them to retail nurseries from Arizona  to British Columbia.  Delivery to your nursery is included in the prices  listed on our wholesale availability list, which is available upon request.

We take pride in providing to the trade the best looking and most viable bamboo plants available anywhere.  Special attention is given to insuring that our plants are uniform in size and entirely mite free.  All our plants are guaranteed to work for you.